Price Benowitz Corporate Event
By cocktailsbycryssy - 4 years ago

As spring rears its gorgeous head and fills the air with the sweet perfumed scents of life “in bloom,” it must be met with equally explosive white wines of aromatic intensity and bright fruit character. So much intensity that the flowers will turn from the sun to bend toward your glass.

This event was an Attorney’s Dinner for the lead partners for the firm. This event was loads of fun as the client booked with me 3 days before the actual event. I had been in constant communication with the client as far as expectations, and let me just say I was super nervous as this was my first corporate client. Me and my team handled this event like pure ROCK STARS. I provided them with a signature cocktail menu with two specialty drinks White Sangria with fresh Mangos, Strawberries, Blueberries & Peaches. And a Berry Sangria with Apples, Limes and Oranges these drinks tasted absolutely AMAZING.

They were also provided a Bar Menu with Wine selections that was a HUGE hit to the client. We arrived early as promised and set up the bar area. I’m proud to say after the event we received numerous compliments and they have asked that we lock in for the next 4 holiday events for the remainder of the year. Absolutely none of this success would be possible without my team (Darlene and Veronica) and the great customer service that they provide. Thank you so much for all you do for Cocktails by Cryssy. And a big thank you to Kieran for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and your guest at your event.


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