Jordan family gender reveal
By cocktailsbycryssy - 4 years ago

This event was very near and dear to my heart as it was an event that literally was laid on my lap. The Jordan family was a joy to work with in planning and scheduling the gender reveal date.

The venue gave us some push back on actually setting a concrete date. But once a date and time were confirmed we immediately started to discuss Signature Drink options to do the gender reveal. Mr. Jordan shared that they wanted the drink colors to reveal the sex of the baby. With my expertise, I did some research on items that would change the color of the drink without changing the flavors of the drink. The day of the actual event I had the pleasure to test out the Drink options and low and behold it actually worked.

Game time-

Closer to the actual start time of the event as guests started to arrive I decided to  test out the cocktails and start promoting the theme of the gender reveal. As the night went on and it was showtime – 8:01 all the drink colors immediately went from clear to blue in a matter of seconds. It was the coolest thing to witness. Needless to say it went off without a hitch. Mr. Jordan was so thrilled that it worked and shared with me his excitement in having a baby boy! Congratulations to the Jordans on the arrival of their son Jeremiah Jordan born on 4.17.19.


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